Successful radio stations apply three key principles – audience focus, flawless execution and memorability.

Ronnie Stanton Media can help you and your team steer your product to deliver compelling content that matches the wants and needs of your audience. This will help you achieve maximum ratings share and allow you to monetize the client and partner  opportunities that follow great numbers.


From research giving you clear listener insights, to next level music database models, to the refined implementation of market leading promotions; Ronnie Stanton Media can grow your station to its utmost potential.


Killer morning shows are more than just people talking between songs. They are a crucial part of their audience’s day, they are talked about, they shape the flavour of the station and brand they work for, and they become part of the fabric that weaves their market together. Killer morning shows entertain, inform, share and emote while transforming the players into local, or even national, stars.

Ronnie Stanton Media is dedicated to growing your morning show’s brand and ratings with the simple ABCD cornerstones of success: Authentic people, Brilliance in the moment, Context, not just content; and Digital offerings in a digital world.

Ronnie has performed on, and coached morning shows around the world since 1996, that deep understanding of the fundamental DNA of winning morning shows will guide the content and structure of your show. It will also allow the individual players to make great steps forward, growing them to be the best they can be. Our clients receive regular feedback and talent coaching as well as daily content suggestions and innovative ideas that will follow and enhance your station’s strategic plan.


You know the adage; “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

Your ‘talent’ are not just the people behind the microphones. Talented programmers and leaders in the building are the difference between great and amazing stations. Ronnie Stanton Media can help with the coaching of the coaches; ensuring they are skilled in the best practices in talent management, daily motivation, content curation, brainstorming and the often necessary hard discussions.


The strategy is key. But implementation is everything.

Ronnie Stanton Media now offer full music scheduling services. Not only is it a more affordable option in the cost chalenged reality, the logs are guarranteed flawless, reliable and true to your audience needs everytime.


Meet Ronnie Stanton

Finding success on two continents, from explosive launches of Nova 100 Melbourne and Virgin Radio Vancouver, to acclaim through Australian and Canadian Industry Awards for his Programming, Music Direction and Morning Shows; Ronnie Stanton has quite a story.

Starting in morning radio in ‘Outback’ Australia, Ronnie moved through medium markets to a Major Regional Network Assistant Program Director role within 4 years in the business. Hot FM Townsville won both the A25-39 and A18-34 target demographics for the first time ever under his stewardship.

Moving to Melbourne in 2001 to launch ‘Nova 100’ as Music Director and Morning Show ‘street guy’, the station rocketed to number 1 in just 15 weeks. From there, he went on to successfully program K-Rock and Bay FM in Geelong before moving home to South East Queensland to launch ‘Hot 91’ on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

He later flipped Hot 91’s sister station, ‘The Heat’, to become Australia’s first AAA station, ‘Zinc 96’, and then rebooted Prime’s 10 station Queensland network as Group PD.

During this time, his outstandingly successful morning show ‘Chrissie and Ronnie’ won a National award for Best On-Air Team in 2005, and rated number 1 with a larger share than the number 2 and 3 shows combined (A25-54). In 2006 he was named Australian Program Director of the year by industry magazine ‘The Music Network’ and was an Australian Commercial Radio Awards finalist for Best PD in 2006 and 2007.

In 2008, he accepted the Brand Director’s role with Astral Media Canada for Vancouver BC’s ‘95 Crave’ which he flipped to ‘Virgin Radio’ under the heritage call letters CKZZ. It took just a year for the station to reach the number 1 position in it’s target demographic F25-44. Virgin remains a consistent top 3 player in the market (A25-54) and finished the 2012 Fall book as the number 1 station.

In 2010, Ronnie joined the Randy Lane Company as a part-time morning show coach for some of Randy’s morning shows across the US. In 2013 he moved from Astral to Corus Entertainment where he served as the VP of Programming for three years before joining Alpha Media USA in the same role.