Let us do your day to day music logs

We call it MUSync

Why should you outsource?

  • Always on strategy, zero personal bias and 100% bulletproof logs everyday
  • No sick days or vacation days to worry about
  • We look after clock adjustments, sound code audits and recommendations, universe optimization
  • It’s your music, sequenced perfectly, just for your station – not a generic log
  • Doing your own music is so last year
MUSync Logo

Radio Companies are looking for efficiencies and Programmers are busier than ever – but the audience demands the best in this competitive landscape. MUSync works for everyone.

MUSync is COMPLETE music scheduling – cost effective with zero sick days, zero holidays, and most importantly, zero personal bias, so your logs are ALWAYS on strategy.

  • Save money
  • Push hours back into your Programmer’s day
  • AND get better music logs

Not having to worry about the SCIENCE stuff like daily music logs allows your Product team to work on the ART stuff like strategy, talent development, audience friendly sales solutions, memorable activations and promotions and growing your digital footprint. Your station will sound better and your ratings will grow.

The service can be as integrated or simple as you choose.
Clock building, sound code strategy and universe optimization are all included. From there – the scope is as large or small as you wish.
For some stations we conduct twice yearly Music Tests to ensure the library is bulletproof, for some stations we recommend additions and drops weekly before their music meeting, for others we just schedule. Its up to you.


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