The Art of Radio


The Ronnie Stanton Story

25 years programming experience in three countries

From morning show host to talent coach. Single station solutions to group strategy. Acclaimed through Australian, Canadian and US Industry Awards. Ronnie Stanton has quite the story.

We Can Help You…

Winning Radio

3 points that can help you win or lose...

  • Audience Focus
  • Flawless Execution
  • Memorability

Talent Coaching

TV, radio or new media, as easy as ABC

  • A – Authenticity
  • B – Brilliance in the moment
  • C – Context over content

Research Insights

You can never know too much about your audience

  • Market and competitive analysis
  • Possibilities and Opportunities
  • Fact based strategy

Let us do your day to day music logs

We call it MUSync

Why outsource?

  • Always on strategy, zero personal bias and 100% bulletproof logs everyday
  • No sick days or vacation days to worry about
  • We look after clock adjustments, sound code audits and recommendations, universe optimization
  • It’s your music, sequenced perfectly, just for your station – not a generic log
  • Doing your own music is so last year
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