Daenerys Targaryen started with nothing and now has a real chance to rule the Seven Kingdoms as the Mother of Dragons.

To say she had a rough start is an understatement. Her Mother died giving birth, her Dad was kicked off the Iron Throne by a guy married to a woman practicing incest. Her brother sold her to marry a fellow you would never take home to meet the parents. In an unlikely twist, she gradually fell in love with the unruly Dothraki – but then he died too. Life was generally pretty difficult until she walked into a fire with petrified dragon eggs, and the rest is history.

In a world of seemingly constant budget cuts, big name morning shows walking across the street, and competitors that own phone companies or TV stations or both – it’s easy to believe your radio station has a case of the Daenerys’s.

Ultimately though, it’s not what you have or don’t have, it’s not the size of your promo and marketing budget, and it’s not the number of billboards you have or don’t have. The challenge is to find your dragon eggs and nurture them to fire breathing maturity.

Establish clearly your brand value, the uniqueness of your offering. Then, tell the world what it is and what it’s benefits are. Over and over. Don’t let your dragon go unnoticed.

May the Iron Throne be yours!