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As the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie hits cinema screens this week and Disney’s stock continues to soar, viewers are delivered another fun romp with everyone’s favorite, sea bound outlaw, Jack Sparrow. Do we care if its good or bad – no, hand over the rum!

Depp’s now famous character (inspired by the Stones’ Keith Richards), is rarely sober and rarely has his morals in line with society’s but somehow Sparrow is the ultimate underdog, an anti-hero – flawed and broken and yet relate-able through his misgivings; key ingredients that make the audience love him. He is also a master of perseverance, optimism and is gifted with a legendary skill in self-promotion. He shamelessly speaks (slurs) in third person, “when you marooned me on that god forsaken spit of land, you forgot on very important thing mate – I’m Captain Jack Sparrow!”; and is always true to his brand “Are you Jack Sparrow? Well yes, but there should be a Captain in there!”.  Even when he is down and out (at approximately the 102-minute mark of each of the 72 Pirates’ films); he is full of self-belief and naturally, always prevails.

What was the last thing your station or morning show took credit for? Small or large, telling the audience what you have done or are doing is a vital building block in creating brand value and loyalty. Even if listeners didn’t hear the moment or the event, your self-promotion, if done right, can take them along for the ride and give your brand the same equity as if they had heard it. Being proud of the things you do, the successes and the failures, build the story of your brand – and everyone loves a good story. It humanizes your brand, your show; and it gives the audience tangible pieces to hold on to. Communicate regularly, keep the brand alive beyond the listening times of your audience and always stay top of mind.

There is a bounty to be found, a treasure chest full of listener love – unlock it!