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August 21, 2017 was the first time the USA had experienced a total eclipse of the sun since 1918. Nearly 7 million Americans inhabit the path directly under celestial event of complete darkness, and an estimated 55 million travelled to witness it – just ask the drivers stuck in the Oregon traffic jam.

Looking directly at an eclipse is very dangerous. It can cause nearly as much retinal damage as the Emoji Movie; sparking a shopping frenzy in the US to buy ‘safe viewing’ glasses. Regular sunglasses knock out about 10 to 20% of UV rays and visible light, where solar eclipse glasses are typically 100,000 times darker and block out ALL UV rays and nearly all visible light.

Wearing the glasses allows you to see the moon crossing the sun’s path with absolute, beautiful clarity. But, if you look away from the sun, these eclipse glasses render you completely blind. Fascinating that the tool you use to witness the magic of an eclipse, simultaneously hinders your ability to see anything else.

Are you doing radio with solar eclipse glasses on? Are you so focused on your brand’s one thing, or your enemy’s growth curve – you have completely lost sight of everything else?

Keep your eyes open.

Awareness is a powerful thing. It gives you wider insight, broader vision to capture dangers lurking in the periphery. It should not be confused with obsessively watching the movements of competitors but it can expand your perspective on the pros and cons of own offering, deeper knowledge of your opponent’s product and most importantly, focus on the ever-changing needs of the audience.