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It’s been a big week for Tesla.

The release of their new Cybertruck last week received mixed reviews – the concept is unquestionably groundbreaking (like everything Tesla), but it’s angular glory to some, is more like the love child of a metal doorstop and a 60s-coffee pot to the more critical. Plus, there was the whole ‘bulletproof glass Elon and the metal ball’ thing.

But that didn’t stop more than 150,000 pre-orders in the 72 hours after the launch event.

Then there was the update for Model 3. Long Range and Performance owners woke to a 5% power increase that was ‘tangible and immediately noticeable’ one vlogger reported. Amazing. For most cars, the one you purchase is the one you have until you sell it – but for Tesla, the car is changing even after you take delivery through almost constant tweaks and improvements.

For Tesla, the product is never complete.

The truly great radio brands and shows are always building too. They are never stagnant or satisfied with where they are (even if it’s number 1). They are fanatical about being better, constantly innovating and determined to create new audience offerings.

Success is a moving target. You simply cannot stop. There is no time to rest on your laurels. No place for contentment. The moment you pause, you concede movement to your competitors. They will inch closer to you and will eventually pass.

Be proud of your results and product achievements in the moment but keep the lazy, fat cat of satisfaction at bay. Watch Tesla – they break paradigms (and occasionally they break windows) but their innovation is a thing of beauty.