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Not everything in Hollywood is champagne and caviar; some of the biggest movie- makers in the business have failed dismally. Only to get back up and find success in their next venture

In 2013, Keanu Reaves proudly released ‘47 Ronin’, a lack-lustre remake of a 1940s Samurai movie that was widely regarded as being only slightly more popular than gout. After all was said and done, it cost $75 million more than it brought in but Keanu was back 14 months later with the smash ‘John Wick’.

Ben and Jen’s awful couple project in 2003 was a spectacular flop. ‘Gigli’ put the studio $76 million in the red, and ticket sales barely scraped past the $7 million mark. It didn’t stop Ben Affleck though, and today, his Hollywood star shines brighter than ever.

Bruce Willis’ 1991 disaster ‘Hudson Hawk’ made only $17 million after costing $65 million in production; but 4 months later ‘The Last Boy Scout’ was one of that year’s blockbusters.

1982 saw legendary director and producer Francis Ford Coppola try his hand at musicals. Clearly not hitting the right note, ‘One From The Heart’ had a price tag of $26 million but fell flat only mustering up $600,000 at the box office. He was nominated for a Golden Globe only two years later

Celebrated actor Al Pacino starred in a British stinker in 1985 called ‘Revolution’. It hit the screens with huge anticipation but received poor reviews from critics and failed to recoup its $28 million, with only $400,000 in sales– barely enough to recover the on set coffee budget. Al went on to win an Oscar 8 years later.

When was the last time you failed? How long has it been since you followed an idea to the end that you thought was amazing but the audience disagreed?

Fail. Proudly fail. When you try new things and learn from your creative mistakes you are developing. If you don’t fail from time to time, you risk becoming stagnant and actually sliding backwards while more creative stations and shows overtake you. Without risk and the occasional stumble, you can’t truly grow.