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Apple was different from the start.

When Steve Jobs launched the company in 1977, he built it on three simple promises.

To always be customer focused – working for the customer instead of simply creating a product for them to buy. This empathy remains the spine of the success today.

To only do a small number of things, but to do them exceptionally well. Apple’s desire to have a limited number of product offerings has allowed them to focus on innovation and quality.

To keep everything they do simple. From the core product value, to the packaging, even the marking is unpretentious and easily digestible.

These principles have continued to be the core of the company even after Jobs’ passing and have helped catapult Apple into the world technology giant it is today. Their designs have literally changed the way we live more than once – from the reimagining of music and movie purchasing through the iTunes store (farewell Blockbuster), to the now compulsory human accessory, the smart phone. In doing this, they have transcended their role as a manufacturer; having truly rewired our society from a technological standpoint and created a massive group of loyal followers at the same time.

Apple doesn’t have customers – they have evangelists. People line up for days to see a new iPhone, even if there are only subtle differences to the device already in their pocket. Apple product launches are sell-out events with crowds reacting to new gadgets like the Beatles have just reunited and appeared on stage. And the rumours and buzz around a leaked photo of a new product online often break the Internet.

The same goes for great radio stations and shows. Why just have listeners when you can have preachers?

Take time to create reliable brand expectations in the audience’s mind, add a pinch of star power and a dose of mystery or the unexpected then ensure you always surpass those expectations with exceptional service, consistent product and a little bit of magic. Great stations or shows are easy to build and execute with a bit of sweat and a good plan – truly loved brands take great planning, a smart roadmap and flawless execution. In a social media connected world every member of your audience has an audience – make them screaming fans and watch your brand take flight.