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Mountains. They shape landscapes.  They inspire awe, art and crazy adventurers.  They define countries.  They create their own weather systems.  And luckily Shakira’s breasts are small and humble enough to not be confused with them.

The world’s tallest mountain is widely accepted as Mount Everest at 29,035 feet, but it’s not actually the tallest. It IS the highest point on Earth but not technically the tallest mountain. That honor goes to Mauna Kea in Hawaii, an inactive volcano that stands 13,796 feet above the ground but 33,474 feet from its base to its top from deep underwater.

Mountains are wonderful and grandiose but the way they are formed is a rather violent process. The world’s tallest ranges are created through the impact of tectonic plates that buckle and fold upon each other like the crushing of two cars in a head-on collision. It’s beautiful in its raw aggression.

Think of your morning show players as those tectonic plates. Without tension and conflict, without those plate collisions, there is a shapeless, forgettable scene. But when those talented people come head to head with a difference in opinions, opposing views or disharmony, real magic can happen. And what is left behind can frame a memory forever. Conflict cannot be forced and should never feel dark or aggressive; but conflict is our friend not foe.

Yes, the plates are unpredictable. And yes, it’s virtually impossible to predict the next earthquake that will rumble as they collide. But nature finds majesty and a cause for celebration in those moments; as should you and your show.