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You were once female. And if global demographers are accurate, there is a 50.5% chance you still are. But, the point is this, there was a time that everyone on the planet WAS once female.

When two people decide to (or accidently) become three; there is usually some wine, some nakedness and maybe some Barry White before they each joyfully contribute 23 chromosomes to this magic baby factory forging the production of a new human.

All going well, the cells collide and combine, then start dividing like crazy until 5-6 weeks later when a crucial, chemical decision is made. If the Y chromosome is present, the architectural plan changes somewhat and a male baby develops; no Y chromosome, and the pea-sized person continues merrily along the road of becoming a female. It explains why men have nipples, secretly adore Michael Buble and have a scar deep in their nether regions where a uterus started to form in those first 5-6 weeks.

It isn’t chemical and it isn’t gender defining, but it does take time for the winning chromosome to kick in with morning shows too.

It takes time to gel. To fully understand the mission of the station and the show. It takes time to understand the players around you as you find your place in the rhythm of the day to day. To determine how much is too much or too little. To understand and connect with the audience and to find points of difference and unique perspectives.

Coaching doesn’t manifest changes overnight and best practices can’t be installed like an OSX update. They take time. Sometimes, they take longer than owners and senior management have the stomach to endure, but if there is a belief in the show, the added patience will generally pay off if the desire is there to grow, to focus on the needs of the audience and there is an inbuilt hunger to win.

Time is a key ingredient but one that has to be respected. The clock will not run infinitely and progress will be measured slowly but surely. Listen hard, try things and strive to be better today than yesterday, do that every day and in no time you will look back at the pea-sized show you started with and you’ll marvel at what it has become.